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About the RiteCare Childhood Language Centers of California

Speech, language and literacy disorders can strike any child – with devastating outcomes. Many of these children struggle daily with the task of speaking, reading and writing. They become used to being teased, ignored, or scolded when they want to say something, when attempting to read, or when asked to write.  Unfortunately, countless children with speech, language and literacy disorders are socially promoted from one grade to the next and suffer from extremely low self-confidence and difficulty succeeding academically.

The 14 RiteCare Childhood Language Centers of California, a program of the California Scottish Rite Foundation has made a lasting difference in the lives of children in California.  Each year the Foundation provides support for life-changing speech, language, and literacy treatment of childhood language disorders to more than 2,300 children at the 14 RiteCare Childhood Language Centers of California in communities across the state, free of charge.  Since its founding in 1958, the Foundation also provides in excess of $200,000.00 annually in support of a wide variety of scholarship assistance to over 100 California students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees.  The Foundation’s third component, the Americanism Program provides support services for California’s military Veterans by partnering with trusted organizations to provide funding for job training, legal services and temporary housing for Veterans in need.

The RiteCare Childhood Language Centers of California, a program of the California Scottish Rite Foundation, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, totally reliant on philanthropy from individuals, foundations and corporate partners.  We do not receive any state or federal funding.

Our Mission

We serve children with speech, language and literacy disorders by providing the opportunity for free, life-changing therapy to improve their communication skills.

Our Vision

We are leaders in transitioning children with childhood communication disorders to realize their full potential.

 The RiteCare Childhood Language Centers of California and the Foundation adhere to the premise that every child with speech, language or literacy disorders should have the opportunity to receive vital therapy from certified Speech Pathologists so that they may lead productive lives; freely communicating with their family, peers, and succeeding academically.

Acquiring these services can be life-changing, providing a renewed sense of self confidence, and the ability to communicate that many take for granted.

All of the above is provided at NO COST to the children we serve.

The RiteCare Childhood Language Centers of California is a program of the California Scottish Rite Foundation that was founded in 1958 and is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation.

Frank Loui

Chairman’s Message – June 2019

Imagine yourself as a seven-year-old in school! You’re in 2nd grade… and you’re not able to speak clearly or be understood by your friends or keep up scholastically.… When trying to interact with peers, your parents or loved ones have to intervene and translate on your behalf because others can’t understand you. You get teased! Bullied! Time goes on, and you become increasingly reluctant to talk with anyone unless someone is there to translate. So… most of the time you play alone. You’re withdrawn – shutting down when teachers or other children try to communicate with you.

For a child, these feelings can be daunting, scary and cause serious self confidence and self esteem issues.

That’s how millions of Americans experience life – needlessly! Yes—needlessly!  Because with professional speech-language therapy, the transformation of a child with speech and language difficulties can make a world of difference. This transformation comes about through intense speech, language, and literacy therapeutic services from qualified Speech Pathologists as performed through the 14 RiteCare Childhood Language Centers of California across the state.  We provide these life-changing services free of charge to children throughout California.

In fact, a happy parent recently shared this testimonial speaking about her son’s learning disability and the transformation that transpired, “The Clinic has been critical to my son’s progression from being two grade levels behind to being on grade level.  They helped his teacher learn how to work with his learning disability and advocated for services to help him at school.  Thank you so much for all that you do.” 

Funding to provide these professional services comes completely from philanthropy from individuals just like you.  You make a difference! Please provide the gift of speech, language, and literacy therapy to transform a child’s life with a gift to any of our 14 RiteCare Childhood Language Centers of California. The children’s transformation is reliant on your support!  Every gift, regardless of its size, is life changing!  Please help transform the life of a child with a gift today!

Wishing you the best of good health and ongoing prosperity!

Frank Loui

Chairman of the Board